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Bio-cellulose Masks & Ice Globes : The Benefits of a Wondrous Combination

by Julie Williams |

The regimen towards beautiful skin is a unique blend of science, traditional techniques and pure pampering. While centuries’ old wisdom is golden to glowing complexions, modern advancements in beauty products bring an extra magical touch of nourishment to stop time in its tracks. This is precisely the background story of cooling & bio-cellulose masks. Ice Globes deliver the soothing effect of ice. At the same time, bio-cellulose enhances nutrient absorption and amplifies the beneficial effects of procedures.

Aspiring to gift all beauty lovers with professional tools in the comfort of their home, Science To Skin has partnered with FRAÎCHEUR to bring the perfect combination together in one place. JunéCell Bio-Cellulose sheet masks tighter with the Fraîcheur Ice Globes, promise to moisturise and deeply nourish the skin, for a complexion as radiant as it can get. And the promise is supported by science and traditional beauty techniques, for which we’re about to give you the complete background story.

What’s bio-cellulose?

The beauty industry is always searching for novel ingredients that have the power to make ‘beauty-ever-after” a dream come true. And every now and then, scientists discover a technique with beauty-changing potential. In this case, bio-cellulose, which is kind to the skin, but also to the environment, as it is completely natural and 100% compostable.


In a nutshell, bio-cellulose is an ultra-thin natural fibre created by tiny, tiny bacteria. These small ‘beauticians’ convert glucose into cellulose and need around 10 days to produce enough for scientists to ‘harvest’. Initially used in medicine to treat burns and chronic wounds, bio-cellulose caught the eye of beauticians due to its extraordinary absorption properties. In fact, bio-cellulose can absorb more than 100 times its dry weight, making any mask a nutrient power-house. Plus, bio-cellulose masks are incredibly durable and easily cling to the skin, ready to provide the full goodness of the beneficial mask ingredients.

Why cooling & masks?

While the beauty industry is surging with innovative ingredients, it also draws inspiration from some of the simplest, yet most effective natural components. And without a doubt, water (especially at its cooler temperatures) is the Holy Grail of simple, yet miraculous ingredients. Ice, ice, ladies and gentlemen!


We’ve talked about the beneficial effects of ice in several other articles related to the Fraicheur ice globes. Fact is that we simply can’t get enough of the refreshing sensation ice globes bestow upon us. That’s why we’ve taken things one degree further by combining a bio-cellulose mask - to be the better half of our ice globes for beauty-ever-after.

Cool them in the fridge and the masks have similar benefits to those delivered by ice, with the added advantage of tightly covering every bit off your skin to nourishing it profoundly. Cooling the masks can relieve dry, puffy eyes, reduce dark circles or swelling after chemical treatments, brighten your complexion, alleviate migraines, improve blood flow and overall refresh and rejuvenate. Not to mention that masks have a relaxing effect that can make your stress flush away and the worries dissipate - even if for just a few moments.

By their powers combined

It’s not hard to imagine how wonderfully bio-cellulose and cooling are together - a tremendously exciting association for all skin-lovers. Augment this match-made-in-heaven by sneaking in the Fraicheur ice globes, and you’ve got yourself a beauty regimen that will rejuvenate your skin and your spirit. Tre bien!


The hydrophilic properties of bio-cellulose enhance the soothing benefits of cooling masks and their nutrients, creating a natural beauty product that lives up to its reputation - sophisticatedly simple and simply sophisticated. The cold temperature will put your blood flow into motion and help your skin enjoy all the nutrient-rich ingredients kept in tight by the bio-cellulose. Once you also pamper yourself with an ice globes’ massage, you’ll never want to treat your face another way again.


Your skin will tighten and feel plumper, healthier, almost radiant. Your pores will decrease in size and that obnoxious redness you dread will tone down and be gone. You’ll be left with a bright complexion and feel refreshed and cooled. Plus, the combination of bio-cellulose masks and ice can also be the perfect remedy for headaches and sore sinuses.


The Bio-cellulose Masks & Ice Globes ultra-pampering regimen


A little less conversation, a little more skin-love, please! Take out your Fraicheur ice globes and prepare the bio-cellulose masks to indulge in an ultra-pampering skin treatment.


Created to offer an extra ice-flair to your at-home beauty ritual, the elegant line of JunéCell Biocellulose Masks from Science To Skin is what you need to shed the worries away. The masks are also packed with out DCCM Serum and a raft of other active ingredients, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types. What else could you ask for? Well, ask for the FRAÎCHEUR ice globes and indulge in a combined treatment and massage. You’ll be spoiled into a zen-state faster than you can say “Namaste!”.


Before you begin, give your ice globes 20 minutes alone in the freezer. Ice-love will soon emerge, and all your skin is going to be the main character in this love story. While they’re slowly chilling, make sure to cleanse your face. Then, unfold the JunéCell Bio-cellulose Mask remove the protective layers and gently apply it to your skin. This is the moment when you can give a sigh of relief, you deserve it, and you’ll see your body will ask for it. So sigh away *ah*.

By now, your ice globes will definitely be ready. Take them out of the freezer and start massaging your face for 10 - 15 minutes or for as long as it feels incredible. You don’t need more, though, as your skin will continue to benefit from the treatment long after you’ve removed the mask. Smoothly massage any remaining serum into the skin. Then, once again, sigh with satisfaction. You’ve treated yourself. You’ve treated yourself well.

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