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How often should I apply hand cream

by Juliie Williams |

We’re busy applying products to our face, neck and décolletage with youth-boosting anti ageing skin care products on a daily basis, but what about your hands?

It’s likely been a rather long time since they received a decent dose of love and more so with the now permanent array of anti-bacterial gels that rightly seem to be everywhere, but do dehydrate the skin.

So how often and why should one apply hand cream? The answer is this: squeeze a hydrating lotion onto your hands after washing them (yes, that means after every single time you visit the loo!), and whenever they feel dry or dehydrated.

This may sound like a lot of product application each day, but we should consider that the hands age as fast as the face does – and they’re exposed to just as much UV damage – it’s definitely worth it. You’ll be combating premature signs of ageing if you do, as well as enhancing skin elasticity, moisture levels, and protecting against chapping and cracking.

It’s wise to pop one of these nourishing goodies on your desk or in your handbag to serve as a reminder and ensure the delicate skin on your hands stays youthful for longer, they can be a give away when it comes to showing our real age and we need to care for them in the same way as our other UV exposed areas.

Here at Science to Skin we offer a handy pack of 3 Age Restoring Hand and Nail Creams, easy to carry one with you. These nourishing hand lotions provide a long lasting hydration for rough and dry hands caused by external aggressors, containing natural butter formula’s and Spritz with 3 different choices of fragrance for a long lasting delicate scent.

Restoring Hand Cream Set - Beauté De Cell Range - Pack of 3 - Science To Skin

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