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How to Apply & Use a Face Mask

by Julie Williams |

Face Sheet masks are one of the hottest ‘au courant’ beauty trends right now. A total result of the Korean beauty phenomenon that’s sweeping the rest of the world this year. A popular question is how often should you use a face mask ?  

In fact, Korean women talk about using face masks several times a week because of the way these masks leave their skin glowing, fresh, and radiant. Facial masks are a beauty staple across all of Asia – but it’s not just about frequency of use. It’s true, using a face mask weekly will leave your skin radiant, hydrated and glowing. However, to truly get the greatest benefit from your facial mask, you have to know which to choose and how to use a face mask. Follow these three simple steps for ideal application and post-mask skin care.  

Step 1: Cleanse Your Face


The first step in using a face mask is by beginning you’re facial treatment with Perfect Cleansing Foam to effectively remove impurities, excess oil and exfoliate any dead skin cells, leaving skin deeply cleansed and refreshed. Work up a good lather and gently cleanse by massaging the lather into your skin from the bottom of your face to the top, and from the center outwards. Don’t forget to spend a little extra time around your T-zone. Rinse with lukewarm water (not hot!) to keep the pores open.

Step 2: Select and Apply your Face Mask

application of face sheet


Apply the facial mask of your choice, depending on what you want to achieve for your skin, following instructions for the mask you’re using. For a luxurious moisturising experience, consider Age Restoring Double Action Cotton Pad, this superior organic cotton mask contains deeply moisturising essence and helps minimise skin essence evaporation. This stretchable, moisturising face mask is soaked in brightening ingredients that instantly sink into your skin. Or try Refine Creamy Mask, for an all in one, 2 – step creamy mask Step 1 : removes dead skin cells & Sebum while step 2 offers fine dust protection & provides high nutrients for a total refine and nourishing treatment. If your looking for age restoration then try the Age Restoring Lifting Up Sheet Mask a Hydrogel Mask for fresh skin calming, tight skin lifting and anti-wrinkle lifting care. For all our face masks, once you’ve removed the sheet mask from your face, we recommend massaging the excess liquid into your skin to get the full benefit of the mask.

Step 3: Moisturise After Face Mask

sheet mask application


Don’t skip our important last step in using your face mask! Even though your skin feels deeply moisturised after your hydrating face mask, you can help the benefits last even longer by locking in the hydration with a rich face cream, especially right before bed. Follow your mask treatment with the Moisturiser of your choice, depending on which regime you’re following such as Rejuvenation Midnight Recovery Rich Cream, for total anti ageing care, or Age Restoring Wrinkle Free Night Cream for nourishing nutrients and lively looking skin. Take a pearl-sized amount and dot it evenly on your face. Starting from the centre outward, spread the cream gently on your entire face, remember of course our Midnight Recovery Cream has an easy twist dispenser to avoid overloading your skin with its rich formula.

Final Tip

Remember if you’re using one of our Face Mask’s, use each one immediately upon opening to stop it getting dry in any long exposure to air.

If you have a Mask Pack be sure to close the lid after use and avoid storing in high or low temperature or direct light to keep them in great condition for your next application.

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