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What are BB Creams ?

by Julie Williams |

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm or can also be known as Blemish Base or Beauty Balm. BB creams are designed to be a multifunctional cream that acts as a light foundation, moisturiser, primer, concealer & sunscreen all in one.

The Origins of BB Cream

BB cream originated in Germany & was designed to initially offer skin protection to people for post laser treatment care. BB creams are generally rich in antioxidants which can help to improve the skins elasticity and appearance. Hence it was used to keep the skin hydrated & protected from sun light. It then became increasingly popular in Korea, where women are known to use lengthy skin care processes. The coverage & benefits of BB Cream then allowed them to decrease the several steps they usually took in their daily beauty routine. Naturally it then spread to the USA and all across the world as women were looking for solutions to decrease the time spent applying their daily skin care routines.

Types of BB Cream

You can now get BB creams from pharmacies such as the boots No.7 range which are relatively cheap all the way to high-end designer branded BB creams that cost anywhere upwards of €100. There is now a wide variety of BB Creams catering for different skin types such as dry or oily, some creams offer shine control, skin hydration and more. When you want a little bit of coverage without looking overdone then BB cream is what you need. The benefits are endless!

Some people can confuse BB creams with foundation’s, but they are two different products. Foundations are designed to provide lots of coverage and hide imperfections whereas BB creams provide light coverage with added skin protection & hydration benefits. BB creams are often seen as better versions of tinted moisturisers as they offer real skin care benefits.

Science To Skin BB Cream

The Science to Skin BEAUTÉ DE CELL BB cream is the perfect primer for under makeup as it gives your skin an instant boost with our SPF 30 lifting up multi cream. This is a triple functioning cream that contains DraCell Cosmetics Defined Stem Cell Culture Media – a patented Science to Skin formula that targets damaged skin cells: reversing the signs of ageing.

Our ingredients have been specially selected for their anti-ageing properties and has been clinically proven to deliver skin that’s younger, firmer and brighter. Utilising extensive stem cell research our unique formula delivers the nutrients that your skin needs. With 43 different amino acids & vitamins our BB cream can help to boost dermal stem cell activity, repair elastin, accelerate skin firming & stimulate collagen growth.

Best Uses of BB Cream

Despite its wide-ranging benefits, it won’t replace every product in your daily skin care routine. It will however make your skin care products work more effectively. For people that have a lot of blemishes such as acne scars, using a BB cream under their foundation helps to get the perfect coverage. This prevents them having to get a heavier foundation that they may not feel entirely comfortable wearing.

A pea size amount of BB cream can provide the perfect coverage for a toned down or casual daytime look. If you are running late to meet a friend for lunch or do a bit of shopping, then having a BB cream at hand is a big time saver. Some women (&men) live to feel natural but yet they may still want to have some protection & again this is where a BB cream comes in useful. There is simply no bad time to use a BB cream, whether on its one or as a step in your full make-up look.


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