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How to use Facial Ice Globes.

by Julie Williams |

Ice Globes allow you to perform your own exceptionally refreshing 'cryo' facial at home without any of the melting and mess of using standard ice cubes. They also con in a handy ergonomic design, constructed so that they glide smoothly over your facial contours for a cooling, calming experience !

Use them in the morning to wake up your sleepy skin and in the evening to de-stress and chill-out (literally). To get the very most out of your globes, you should aim to use them once or twice daily for a period of six weeks. An icy massage of just 5 - 10 minuets is enough to revive and reinvigorate your skin. Remember though, there is no such think as a quick fix in skincare - consistency is key.


Gently sanitise your ice globes with alcohol or any other antibacterial solution. You don't want to massage your skin with unclean globes full of bacteria because it can make things worse than before !


Once you have sanitised the ice globes properly, keep them in the fridge or freezer (YES, you can keep our globes in the freezer). for at least 30 minutes for optimal results. We recommend putting them in at night and using them in the morning, right after your facial cleansing routine for the best results.


We recommend massaging your face with the ice globes for 5 - 15 minutes, gently massage the face. The cold will do its work.



As well as all the benefits of using the Ice Globes independently, you can SUPER CHARGE your serums, oils, masks (sheet and regular) and moisturisers using Ice Globes. Facial globes act amazingly as massage tools to work your products into the skin for better absorption and superior results. The cold of the globes causes your capillaries to constrict, which effectively ''pulls'' the product deeper into your skin.

Blending your Science To Skin products perfectly.

- Firstly, clean your face with your preferred facial cleanser so you have a fresh canvas.

- Next, apply your favourite oil, moisturiser, mask or serum.

Finally, gently massage the ice globes over your face to allow the remedy to permeate deeper into your skin so it can absorb the product more effectively.

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