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Who are SOOAM Biotech ?

by Julie Williams |

SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation, based in Seoul South Korea, is a nonprofit corporation established for the purpose of introducing scientific technologies and realizing humankind’s welfare by establishing basic biotechnology which is not only emerging as one of the most important area’s in the 21st century but is also developing talented manpower in related research areas.

The outstanding research team led by Dr.Hwang Woo-suk, a chair professor of Seoul National University, has established embryonic stem cell customisation per patient for the first time in the world. Research results are attracting the world’s attention and interest as research on stem cells is emerging to have infinite possibilities.

Purchases of our products makes a contribution to continued research. Current Projects include

  • Animal model-based research on diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer
  • Project for restoring extinct and endangered Animals
  • Establishment of stem cell customization per patient
  • Research on animal cloning designed for special service for government institution

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