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As a woman in my 50's heading to 60 at what seems to be the speed of light, I am all too aware of the symptoms and impact of Menopause. It's one of the core reasons this business even exists.

I found it personally challenging to find products that really addressed the changes in my skin - having been the greasy spotty teenager - the classic 'combination' I suddenly found changes in my appearance and skin that I hardly recognised as being me !! If you can you relate then your in the right place !

I tried more pots and potions that I'd like to admit, not to mention the significant investment I made in them,  shipping products from all over the globe and lathering them on .... but little had any real effect. So it became a bit of a mission to find brands that understood - and delivered, not only active ingredients but products that actually had a beneficial impact on the HEALTH and subsequently the condition of my skin. (read more about my story)

You will find here two such brands, they are very different in approach and methodology but they have one HUGE thing in common .. they WORK ! They both genuinely address the needs of women over 40 who are experiencing, much as I have the inevitable changes as we age and transition through menopause.

You can find out more from the discover section of the site about each one so I won't repeat the stories here, but this has been a true journey of discovery. I am not a trained skin care professional, I am like you .. a woman in my 50's looking to improve my skin condition, feel more confident and overcome the challenges of menopause. But gosh have I learned a lot and I'm delighted to be able to share the research, learning and experience with you to save you having to taking the same journey.

This section of the site is dedicated to help with three core areas of consideration for addressing the menopause. You will find products to help deliver skin health, get back your natural glow and help you navigate the signs of ageing in a positive way. Of that I am confident !

  • Topical Skin Care : Products that affect our skin condition from the outside in and imperatively work at a cellular level.
  • Devices and Tools : Modern and ancient solutions to support the process of pro-ageing. 

(Access them either from the dropdown menu or by clicking the titles)

It wouldn't be right for me to leave it there without also talking about another discovery on my journey, and the whole team here are totally delighted to be fully fledged members of their 'Tribe'. I am of course talking about Gen-M. If you haven't discovered them yet, well you're in for a real treat, a long awaited single point to help move through, understand and get support in the world of menopause. (and not forgetting perimenopause). 

We are thrilled, excited and basically over the moon to be a part of the Gen-M movement for change, acceptance and understanding of the world of menopause and helping to raise awareness of how all 48 symptoms can affect women and more so how we FEEL... we no longer want to be invisible.

You can find out more from our blogs or visit www.gen-m.com and do make sure you take the time to participate with a follow on social media (links in the footer) or by signing up for our newsletter.


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