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Harness the power of cell science with JunéCell

Over time, the firm inside of our skin weakens, in a process known as skin cell deterioration.

Repair is only possible if the skin’s stem cells are provided with the optimal environment and nutrients to stimulate growth.


At Science To Skin, we harness the power of science to give you the skin you deserve – without compromise.

That’s why we’ve partnered with DraCell Cosmetics, who have created cell-science cosmetics that positively supports skin through the ageing process - help you look as good as you feel.

DraCell Cosmetics was founded by SOOAM Biotech, one of the world’s leading stem cell research laboratories. Led by stem cell pioneer Dr. Hwang Woo-suk, SOOAM Biotech has made impressive scientific breakthroughs – particularly in the world of skin care.

Two decades of research resulted in a new breed of cosmetic: a powerful skin cell culturing system engineered to rejuvenate and regenerate ageing cells.


Internal Resilience

Designed to give your skin internal resilience, penetrating deep into the layers to generate skin that’s healthy and firm… inside and out.

Known as Defined Stem Cell Culture Media, this patented science to skin formula targets damaged skin cells: reversing the signs of ageing.

With 43 different amino acids and vitamins, it delivers the nutrients you need to:

  • Boost activity in your dermal (skin) stem cells
  • Repair elastin
  • Accelerate skin firming
  • Stimulate collagen growth

Our ingredients have been specially selected for their pro-ageing properties and have been clinically proven to deliver skin that’s younger, firmer and brighter.


The right environment

Our patented NT-1 technology delves deep into the skin: transporting the nutrients needed for growth. Using nano liposomes, it targets existing deteriorated cells to encourage regeneration.

The best nutrients

For stem cells to grow, they need a fluid or defined cell culture media which can provide the nutrients necessary for growth. We use two composites to achieve this:


Composed of 43 different high-protein ingredients, including amino acids and vitamins, DRH-4 accelerates skin growth


With a high concentration of amino acids, HCURE-1 replenishes and restores damaged skin cells, repairs elastin and boosts collagen