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Science To Skin

JunéCell Rejuvenation Ultimate Skin Care Set


It is a set of three luxurious total anti-aging items that contain “Defined Cell Culture Media” that is composed of ingredients rich in skin-growing factors required for cell culture and made into cosmetic ingredients. You will satisfy with a visible change in your skin from using the best solution offered by JunéCell.


JunéCell Rejuvenation Lifting Skin Essence 120 ml

JunéCell Rejuvenation Lifting Skin Emulsion 120 ml

JunéCell Rejuvenation Midnight Recovery Cream Rich 50g

JunéCell Rejuvenation Bio-cellulose Mask Pack 28 ml x 1

Mini : JunéCell Rejuvenation Midnight Recovery Cream Rich 10 ml

JunéCell Rejuvenation Enriched Eye Cream 5 ml

JunéCell Rejuvenation Skin Boosting Essence 10 ml

All our JunéCell products are especially developed for women over 40 who are starting to experience hormonal changes in skin conditions as we enter perimenopause and menopause with active ingredients to specifically address the drop of collagen production. 

How to use: 

    • Apply toner, eye cream, essence, emulsion, and cream in order lightly and evenly

    • Apply mask pack after the skincare according to your skin condition

Shipping is FREE to the UK 

Standard shipping is available internationally on request. Please contact us for more details

JunéCell Rejuvenation Ultimate Skin Care Set