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Science To Skin

Facial Ice Globes - GOLD & GLITTER - Includes 2 x Sheet Masks


The Benefits of Ice Globes are significant

  • Tightens and plumps the skin
  • Reduces the size of the pores, puffiness and redness
  • Enhances Circulation
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Provides natural headache and sinus relief
  • Refreshes and cools
  • Reduces acne scarring
  • Includes 2 x Botanics To Skin Sheet Masks - 
  • Deep Cleansing Aegean Charcoal Serum sheet mask
  • Resurrecting, Collagen Serum Infused sheet mask

Super cooling and great for a skin moisture boost and serum penetration when used over sheet masks.

Made from high quality glass, can be kept in the fridge / freezer but should still be treated with care for breakables. 

Come complete with storage/gift box.


1. Sanitise your ice globes, make sure they are clean prior to use

2. Freeze : Pop them in the fridge or freezer for at least 30 mins prior to use. Ideally pop them in at night prior to use in the morning.

3. Massage ! Our recommendation is to massage your face for 5 - 15 min, gently without pressure and ideally straight after a facial cleanse first thing in the morning. 

When using with our sheet masks, simply apply the mask prior to massage, the ice cold helps to stimulate the pores and the absorption of the active ingredients of the mask.

Super cooling and great for a skin moisture boost.

You can find more information on techniques on our FAQ's.


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Facial Ice Globes - GOLD & GLITTER - Includes 2 x Sheet Masks